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Tamazight : a competency-based Curriculum, Beginning & Intermediate Students

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Azaguagh, L. (1994). Tamazight: a competency-based Curriculum, Beginning & Intermediate Students (N.A.). Rabat (Morocco): Peace Corps.

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A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. The Peace Corps volunteer language training materials for the Moroccan language Tamazight are designed for group, individual, or self-instruction. An introductory section gives the learner an overview of language characteristics, the materials, and their design. The main section of the materials is divided into three parts. The first contains 16 lessons for beginning and intermediate learners, each containing a topic description and unit objective, cultural notes, vocabulary list, lists of structures and expressions, and grammar notes. Lesson topics include greetings, giving and getting personal information, numerals, talking about oneself and one's experiences, family, expressing confusion and asking clarification, giving and getting directions, shopping, food and drink, renting a house, describing personal interests, invitations, social norms, and agriculture. The second part contains a number of brief dialogues to provides vocabulary and familiarity with Moroccan/Berber culture. Each is also translated into English. The final section contains a list of common verbs, given in both the imperative simple and continuous tenses. (MSE) (