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Journal Article

Nonequilibrium dynamics of the phonon gas in ultrafast-excited antimony


Cheenicode Kabeer,  Fairoja
Theory, Fritz Haber Institute, Max Planck Society;

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Krylow, S., Zijlstra, E. S., Cheenicode Kabeer, F., Zier, T., Bauerhenne, B., & Garcia, M. E. (2017). Nonequilibrium dynamics of the phonon gas in ultrafast-excited antimony. Physical Review Materials, 1(7): 073601. doi:10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.1.073601.

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The ultrafast relaxation dynamics of a nonequilibrium phonon gas towards thermal equilibrium involves many-body collisions that cannot be properly described by perturbative approaches. Here, we develop a nonperturbative method to elucidate the microscopic mechanisms underlying the decay of laser-excited coherent phonons in the presence of electron-hole pairs, which so far are not fully understood. Our theory relies on ab initio molecular dynamics simulations on laser-excited potential-energy surfaces. Those simulations are compared with runs in which the laser-excited coherent phonon is artificially deoccupied. We apply this method to antimony and show that the decay of the A1g phonon mode at low laser fluences can be accounted mainly to three-body down-conversion processes of an A1g phonon into acoustic phonons. For higher excitation strengths, however, we see a crossover to a four-phonon process, in which two A1g phonons decay into two optical phonons.