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Short-time Audio Event Classification with Applications to the Evaluation of Sport Experiments

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Simkin, M. (2012). Short-time Audio Event Classification with Applications to the Evaluation of Sport Experiments. Bachelor Thesis.

After conducting some experiment one always faces the tedious work of manually annotating and examining it. This is time consuming and error prone, especially if the experiment contains a large amount of relevant events that need to be annotated. In this thesis we tackle this problem for a real world experiment from the field of sport psychology, where two players have to pass a ball to each other as quickly as possible by bouncing it over a target zone. The experiments evaluation consists of the number of passes that bounced on the target zone in relation to the number of bounces that did not. Our main idea was to cover the target zone with a surface different from the one outside of it and use audio classification techniques to classify the bounces. To obtain the required audio data we made minor changes to the experiments setup by adding two microphones to it and changing the surface of the target zone. We conducted a number of experiments with this setup, extracted and analyzed all bounces from the audio data we retrieved and showed, that an automatic classification is very possible and feasible.