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XUV-Pump THz-Probe Experiments on Neon at the Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg


Schmid,  Georg
Division Prof. Dr. Joachim H. Ullrich, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society;

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Schmid, G. (2013). XUV-Pump THz-Probe Experiments on Neon at the Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg. Master Thesis, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg.

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Extreme ultraviolet (XUV) pump - terahertz (THz) probe experiments were carried out at the free-electron laser in Hamburg. At a photon energy of 59:4 eV, Neon valence 2p, inner-shell 2s and 2p valence shake-up photoelectrons were emitted into a THz-probe field of 152 µm wavelength. Using a reaction microscope, the 3-dimensional photoelectron momentum vectors were measured as a function of the pump-probe delay. An observation of a delay-dependent oscillation of the complete photoelectron momentum distribution along the THz polarization axis was possible and the shape of the entire THz probe field was mapped. Furthermore, a relative time shift of (-8.7 +/- 4.9) fs between the emission of low-energetic Neon valence shake-up photoelectrons and direct Neon 2p photoelectrons was observed. The measurements agree within the error bars with predictions of classical formulas which account for Coulomb-probe-field coupling induced time shifts in atomic photoemission.