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Dynamic analogue initialization for ensemble forecasting


Fraedrich,  Klaus F.
Max Planck Fellows, MPI for Meteorology, Max Planck Society;

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Li, S., Xingyao, R., Yun, L., Zhengyu, L., & Fraedrich, K. F. (2013). Dynamic analogue initialization for ensemble forecasting. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 30, 1406-1420. doi:10.1007/s00376-012-2244-z.

This paper introduces a new approach for the initialization of ensemble numerical forecasting: Dynamic Analogue Initialization (DAI). DAI assumes that the best model state trajectories for the past provide the initial conditions for the best forecasts in the future. As such, DAI performs the ensemble forecast using the best analogues from a full size ensemble. As a pilot study, the Lorenz63 and Lorenz96 models were used to test DAI's effectiveness independently. Results showed that DAI can improve the forecast significantly. Especially in lower-dimensional systems, DAI can reduce the forecast RMSE by similar to 50% compared to the Monte Carlo forecast (MC). This improvement is because DAI is able to recognize the direction of the analysis error through the embedding process and therefore selects those good trajectories with reduced initial error. Meanwhile, a potential improvement of DAI is also proposed, and that is to find the optimal range of embedding time based on the error's growing speed.