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The D-Grid Integration Project: How to Build a Grid for Different Communities

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Gülzow, V., Gürich, W., Mickel, K.-P., Schwiegelshohn, U., Ullmann, K., & von Voigt, G. (2007). The D-Grid Integration Project: How to Build a Grid for Different Communities.

The Grid world is highly dynamic due to the appearance of new resources, easier access and new Grid applications. Moreover, an increasing number of scientific communities begins to realize that Grids will become an indispensable tool for modern science. However, the requirements of those communities often differ significantly from each other. Therefore, it is a particularly di±cult challenge to establish a national Grid infrastructure that serves as many communities as possible. To address this challenge, the German D-Grid has developed a concept that is based on development of independent Community Grids that are connected with a single integration project. Further, the process will involve several steps to consider dependencies between the various projects and their tasks. Presently, we are still at the beginning of the realization of a German Grid. Therefore in this paper, we first briefly explain this concept in this paper. Then we focus on the integration project and describe its tasks in more detail. This includes some first results and experiences that were achieved within the first year of the project. Finally, some plans for future steps are presented.