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Conference Paper

A peer-to-peer network to support scholarly communication

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Seidenfaden, L., Ortelbach, B., Hagenhoff, S., & Schumann, M. (2007). A peer-to-peer network to support scholarly communication.

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The number of scientific journals and thereby the number of published articles grew with an enormous rate in the last century (e.g. Price 1986; Henderson 2002). In the second half of the 20th century the system seemed to abut against its boundaries, because in relation to research budgets, library budgets did not grow fast enough to cover all the scientific output produced. Price increases well above the inflation rate set by commercial publishers that bundle disproportionately high market power – especially for journals in the Science-Technical- Medicine-Sector in the last thirty years – intensified the situation even further. This situation is known as the serial crisis. New Information and Communication Technology (ICT) driven publication models are established and seem to be a promising way out of the crisis because they reduce distribution costs significantly. Especially the open access (OA) movement that advocates free electronic access to scientific output is subject to a fierce public debate. In this paper we will detail problems associated with OA and suggest a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) system that supports electronic scholarly communication as a tool to address the economic problems mentioned above.