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The Impact of Altered Gravity and Vibration on Endothelial Cells During a Parabolic Flight


Bauer,  Johann
Scientific Service Groups, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Max Planck Society;

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Wehland, M., Ma, X., Braun, M., Hauslage, J., Hemmersbach, R., Bauer, J., et al. (2013). The Impact of Altered Gravity and Vibration on Endothelial Cells During a Parabolic Flight. CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 31(2-3), 432-451. doi:10.1159/000343380.

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Background: Endothelial cells (EC) cultured under altered gravity conditions show a cytoskeletal disorganization and differential gene expression (short-term effects), as well as apoptosis in adherently growing EC or formation of tubular 3D structures (long-term effects). Methods: Investigating short-term effects of real microgravity, we exposed EC to parabolic flight maneuvers and analysed them on both protein and transcriptional level. The effects of hypergravity and vibration were studied separately. Results: Pan-actin and tubulin proteins were elevated by vibration and down-regulated by hypergravity. beta-Actin was reduced by vibration. Moesin protein was reduced by both vibration and hypergravity, ezrin potein was strongly elevated under vibration. Gene expression of ACTB, CCND1, CDC6, CDKN1A, VEGFA, FLK-1, EZR, ITBG1, OPN, CASP3, CASP8, ANXA2, and BIRC5 was reduced under vibration. With the exception of CCNA2, CCND1, MSN, RDX, OPN, BIRC5, and ACTB all investigated genes were downregulated by hypergravity. After one parabola (P) CCNA2, CCND1, CDC6, CDKN1A, EZR, MSN, OPN, VEGFA, CASP3, CASP8, ANXA1, ANXA2, and BIRC5 were up-, while FLK1 was downregulated. EZR, MSN, OPN, ANXA2, and BIRC5 were upregulated after 31P. Conclusions: Genes of the cytoskeleton, angiogenesis, extracellular matrix, apoptosis, and cell cycle regulation were affected by parabolic flight maneuvers. We show that the microgravity stimulus is stronger than hypergravity/vibration. Copyright (c) 2013 S. Karger AG, Basel