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Conference Paper

Références et gestion du dialogue


Romary,  Laurent
Max Planck Digital Library, Max Planck Society;

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Reboul, A., Romary, L., & Gaiffe, B. (1994). Références et gestion du dialogue. In Actes du colloque TALN'94, 7-8 avril 1994 (pp. 134-150). ATALA.

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Whatever the use of a system beyond linguistic analysis, a difficulty immediatly arises : treating reference. This paper will present our position. We will begin by presenting the problem under a linguistic perspetive, this presentation leading to the conclusion that computing reference cannot be codic : the elements in the computation of a given referring expression are not stable relative to the type of referring expression (definite descriptions, indefinite descriptions, names, pronouns, etc.). We will then summarily present two propositions which have been made regarding an automatic treatment : in this case, the computing will be shown to be too general because it does not take into account the different types of referring expressions. Finally after having evaluated modes of reference in view of an automatic treatment under the hypothesis that they are the motor of interpretation, we will come back to an analysis that relies on the determiner and we will present the way we will treat definite and demonstrative reference as an illustration