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Un modèle générique d'organisation de corpus en ligne: application à la FReeBank


Romary,  Laurent
Max Planck Digital Library, Max Planck Society;

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Salmon-Alt, S., Romary, L., & Pierrel, J.-M. (2004). Un modèle générique d'organisation de corpus en ligne: application à la FReeBank. Traitement Automatique des Langues, 45(3), 145-169. Retrieved from

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The few available French resources for evaluating linguistic models or algorithms on other linguistic levels than morpho-syntax are either insufficient from quantitative as well as qualitative point of view or not freely accessible. Based on this fact, the FREEBANK project intends to create French corpora constructed using manually revised output from a hybrid Constraint Grammar parser and annotated on several linguistic levels (structure, morpho-syntax, syntax, coreference), with the objective to make them available on-line for research purposes. Therefore, we will focus on using standard annotation schemes, integration of existing resources and maintenance allowing for continuous enrichment of the annotations. Prior to the actual presentation of the prototype that has been implemented, this paper describes a generic model for the organization and deployment of a linguistic resource archive, in compliance with the various works currently conducted within international standardization initiatives (TEI and ISO/TC 37/SC 4).