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Renewal and circulation of intermediate waters in the Canadian Basin observed on the SCICEX 96 cruise

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Smethie, W. M., Schlosser, P., & Bönisch, G. (2000). Renewal and circulation of intermediate waters in the Canadian Basin observed on the SCICEX 96 cruise. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 105(C1), 1105-1121. doi:10.1029/1999JC900233.

During the summero f 1996 the nuclears ubmarineU SS Pogy occupieda line of stations extending through the middle of the Canadian Basin between about 88øN, 44øW (Lomonosov Ridge) and about 78øN, 144øW (center of the Canada Basin). CTD/Niskin bottle casts extending to 1600 rn were carried out at eight stations, providing thef irsth igh-qualitteym peratusrea,l inityC, FC,t ritiuma, nd3 Hed atao btainefdro mt his region,a lthoughX CTD data hadp reviouslyb eenc ollectedi n this region. Thesed ata, alongw ith dataf rom stationsa t the basinb oundaryto the southa nd west,r evealt he presenceo f well-ventilatedi ntermediatew aterb eneatht he haloclinei n the centero f the CanadaB asin,i ndicatingr enewalt imeso f the ordero f 1-2 decades.T he leastv entilated intermediate water was observed at the northern end of the Canada Basin along the southernfl ank of the Alpha Ridge. Intermediatew ateri s derivedf rom the Atlantic Ocean and enters the Arctic Ocean through Fram Strait and the Barents Sea. It flows around the Arctic basinsin boundaryc urrentsa nds plitsi n the easternA mundsenB asinw ith one branchc rossingth e LomonosovR idgea ndf lowinga longt he EastS iberianc ontinental slopea ndt he otherf lowing alongt he Eurasianfl ank of the LomonosovR idge. From the 1996 ScientificI ce Expedition( SCICEX 96) observationws e concludet hat the branch that flows alongt he EastS iberianc ontinentasl lopet ransporttsh is watert o the Chukchi Rise,w herei t apparentlye nterst he centralC anadaB asinw ith somef low continuing alongt he boundaryto the southernC anadaB asin. The FramS traitB ranchW ater mixes extensivelyw ith watersf rom the CanadianB asind uringi ts transita longt he EastS iberian continentasl lope,b eingd ilutedb y a factoro f about5 by the time it reachesth e central CanadaB asin. The BarentsS eaB ranchW ater doesn ot undergos uche xtensivem ixing andi s dilutedb y a factoro f only about2 wheni t reachesth e centralC anadaB asin.