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On-line δ 18O measurement of organic and inorganic substances


Werner,  R. A.
Service Facility Stable Isotope/Gas Analytics, Dr. W. A. Brand, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Max Planck Society;

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Kornexl, B. E., Gehre, M., Höfling, R., & Werner, R. A. (1999). On-line δ 18O measurement of organic and inorganic substances. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 13(16), 1685-1693.

A method for the automated sample conversion and on-line oxygen isotope ratio (delta(18)O) determination for organic and inorganic substances is presented. The samples are pyrolytically decomposed at 1400 degrees C in the presence of nickelized graphite. With the system presented organic as well as inorganic samples such as nitrates, sulphates and phosphates of 50-100 mu g O can be analyzed for their delta(18)O values with a standard deviation usually better than 0,5 parts per thousand, Additionally, carbon isotope ratios of organic substances and nitrogen isotope ratios of inorganic nitrogenous compounds are available in the same sample run. Data for international and some inter-laboratory reference materials are presented to show the accuracy and reliability of the method. The effect of some additives on the CO yield was checked for substances which do not pyrolyze completely. Copyright O 1999 John Whey & Sons, Ltd. [References: 48]