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Journal Article

Visual Flight Control of a Quadrotor Using Bioinspired Motion Detector


Borst,  Alexander
Department: Systems and Computational Neurobiology / Borst, MPI of Neurobiology, Max Planck Society;

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Zhang, L., Zhang, T., Wu, H., Borst, A., & Kühnlenz, K. (2012). Visual Flight Control of a Quadrotor Using Bioinspired Motion Detector. International Journal of Navigation and Observation, 2012: 627079. doi:10.1155/2012/627079.

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Motion detection in the fly is extremely fast with low computational requirements. Inspired from the fly’s vision system, we focus on a real-time flight control on a miniquadrotor with fast visual feedback. In this work, an elaborated elementary motion detector (EMD) is utilized to detect local optical flow. Combined with novel receptive field templates, the yaw rate of the quadrotor is estimated through a lookup table established with this bioinspired visual sensor. A closed-loop control system with the feedback of yaw rate estimated by EMD is designed. With the motion of the other degrees of freedom stabilized by a camera tracking system, the yaw-rate of the quadrotor during hovering is controlled based on EMD feedback under real-world scenario. The control performance of the proposed approach is compared with that of conventional approach. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of utilizing EMD for quadrotor control.