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The type-material of the insect order Phasmatodea, described by Johann Jacob KAUP (Insecta, Phasmatodea)


Zompro,  Oliver
Working Group Tropical Ecology, Max Planck Institute for Limnology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Max Planck Society;

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Zompro, O. (2001). The type-material of the insect order Phasmatodea, described by Johann Jacob KAUP (Insecta, Phasmatodea). Senckenbergiana Biologica, 81(1/2), 133-145.

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The type-material of Phasmatodea, described by Johann Jacob KAUP. Senckenbergiana biologica 81(1/2): 133-145, 23 figs. Abstract. The type-material of 23 taxa of the insect order Phasmatodea described by Johann Jakob KAUP and housed in the Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany [HLDH], and Senckenberg-Museum, Franfurt am Main, Germany [SMF] is listed. If possible, the actual taxonomic position of each taxon is provided. Lectotypes are designated for Clonistria cacica KAUP 1871, Ceroys capreolus KAUP 1871, Lonchodes duivenbodei KAUP 1871, Acanthoderus hystrix KAUP 1871, Pachymorpha novaeguineae KAUP 1871, Acanthoderus occipitalis KAUP 1871, Ophicrania striaticollis KAUP 1871, and Necroscia vipera KAUP 1871. Ceroys capreolus KAUP 1871, is found to be a new synonym of Sermyle mexicana (SAUSSURE 1859), Lonchodes duivenbodei KAUP 1871, a new synonym of Periphetes forcipatus (BATES 1865). Bacteria cacica KAUP 1871, is transferred to Clonistria STÅL 1875, Haplopus grayi KAUP 1871, to Diapherodes GRAY 1835, Cladoxerus insignis KAUP & VON HEYDEN 1871, to Hermarchus STÅL 1875