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Contributions to the knowledge of Australian Cholevidae (Catoptidae auct.; Coleoptera)


Zwick,  Peter
Limnological River Station Schlitz, Max Planck Institute for Limnology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Max Planck Society;

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Zwick, P. (1979). Contributions to the knowledge of Australian Cholevidae (Catoptidae auct.; Coleoptera). Australian Journal of Zoology Supplementary Series, 70, 1-56.

Abstract The nomenclature, systematic position and diagnostic characters of the family are discussed and information on techniques of collection and study are given. Taxonomic and faunistic data for 43 of the 56 known Australian species of Cholevidae are presented, based on abundant previously unstudied material. The distinctive characters of most species are illustrated. Only Agyrtodini and Nemadini occur in Australia. Choleva macleayi Blackburn is not a member of Anemadinae, but of Nemadinae : Nemadini. Agyrtodini are considered to be the probably the sister-group of all other Cholevidae, instead of being a tribe of subfamily Nemadinae. A key to the Australian genera of Nemadini is provided. After study of types, Pseudonemadus nigricornis Portevin is removed from the synonymy of P. integer (Portevin) and placed into the synonymy of P. adelaidae (Blackburn). The erroneous diagnosis of genus Catoposchema Jeannel is corrected and C. semota Szymczakowski is transferred to genus Austronargus. The following new taxa are described: Agyrtodes tasmanicus, sp. nov.; A. decoratus, sp. nov.; A. eucalypti, sp. nov.; A. crassus, sp. nov.; Pseudonemadus (Pseudonemadus) irregularis, sp. nov.; P. (P.) pusillus, sp. nov.; LEPTONEMADUS, subgen. nov. of Pseudonemadus, with type-species P. (L.) transvestitus, sp. nov. and P. (L.) elegans, sp. nov.; AUSTROCHOLEVA, gen. nov., with type-species A. platypus, sp. nov., and A. williamsi, sp. nov.; AUSTRONARGUS, gen. nov., with type-species A. tidbinbillae, sp. nov., and A. semota (Szymczakowski); Austronemadus, gen. nov. (type-species: Choleva macleayi Blackburn); A. neboissi, sp. nov.; Paranemadus, gen. nov., with type-species P. striatopunctatus, sp. nov.; Rangiola (?) rubrifasciata, sp. nov.; Nargiotes procerus, sp. nov.; Nargomorphus crassicornis, sp. nov.; N. acutangulus, sp. nov.; N. catopoides, sp. nov.; and N. ornativenter, sp. nov.