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The Net-Winged Midges (Diptera: Blephariceridae) of the Russian Far East


Zwick,  Peter
Limnological River Station Schlitz, Max Planck Institute for Limnology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Max Planck Society;

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Zwick, P., & Arefina, T. (2005). The Net-Winged Midges (Diptera: Blephariceridae) of the Russian Far East. Bonner Zoologische Beiträge, 53(3/4), 333-357.

A revision and synopsis of the Diptera: Blephariceridae of the Russian Far East is presented; it includes generic keys to all life stages. Genera Philorus and Blepharicera are recorded from the Russian Far East for the first time. New species described are Philorus levanidovae sp. n., Blepharicera parva sp. n. and Agathon pilosus sp. n. The number of species known from the Russian Far East rises to 8. A. decorilarva (Brodsky, 1954), A. eoasiaticus (Brodsky, 1954) and Neohapalothrix manschukuensis (Mannheims, 1938) are widespread, ranging West to Mongolia and Kazakhstan, respectively, and A. decorilarva East to Kamtchatka. All species were compared with actual specimens of close relatives from Korea and Japan and are distinct from them, except perhaps Bibiocephala maxima Brodsky, 1954. In the case of Bibiocephala, the world fauna is compared and keys to all stages of the 4 nominal species are provided. Agathon kawamurai (Kitakami, 1950) from Korea, A. ezoensis (Kitakami, 1950) from Sachalin and Hokkaido and the Korean Philorus chosenensis Kitakami, 1931 are redescribed from lectotypes which are here designated.