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Analysis of the solvent diffusion in glassy polymer films using a set inversion method


Johannsmann,  Diethelm
MPI for Polymer Research, Max Planck Society;

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Dubreuil, A. C., Doumenc, F., Guerrier, B., Johannsmann, D., & Allain, C. (2003). Analysis of the solvent diffusion in glassy polymer films using a set inversion method. Polymer, 44(2), 377-387.

Within the framework of solvent diffusion in glassy polymers, this paper concerns an experimental study of toluene sorption and desorption in P(NMA/nBMA) copolymer films. Gravimetric experiments (quartz microbalance) are performed in a pressure and temperature controlled chamber. Coupling between solvent diffusion and viscoelastic relaxation is taken into account through the time-dependent solubility model, based on the Fick diffusion equation inside the film and a time variable boundary condition at the film/vapor interface. Viscoelastic relaxation is described by a first order model or by a stretched exponential. In the present paper, a special focus is given on the set inversion method used to analyze the data and to derive well-defined uncertainty intervals upon each determined quantity, taking all the uncertainties on the weight measurements into account. We find that the mutual diffusion coefficient strongly decreases in the glassy state, of about two orders of magnitude for a 0.05 decrease in the solvent weight fraction. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.