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Conference Paper

A Software Library of Dynamic Graph Algorithms


Alberts,  David
Algorithms and Complexity, MPI for Informatics, Max Planck Society;

Zaroliagis,  Christos
Algorithms and Complexity, MPI for Informatics, Max Planck Society;

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Alberts, D., Cattaneo, G., Italiano, G., Nanni, U., & Zaroliagis, C. (1998). A Software Library of Dynamic Graph Algorithms. In R. Battiti, & A. Bertosi (Eds.), Proceedings of Workshop on Algorithms and Experiments (ALEX-98) (pp. 129-136). Trento, Italy: University of Trento.

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We report on a software library of dynamic graph algorithms. It was written in \CC as an extension of LEDA, the library of efficient data types and algorithms. It contains implementations of simple data structures as well as of sophisticated data structures for dynamic connectivity, dynamic minimum spanning trees, dynamic single source shortest paths, and dynamic transitive closure. All data structures are implemented by classes derived from a common base class, thus they have a common interface. Additionally, the base class is in charge of keeping all dynamic data structures working on the same graph consistent. It is possible to change the structure of a graph by a procedure which is not aware of the dynamic data structures initialized for this graph. The library is easily extendible.