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Conference Paper

Towards Guaranteed Quality and Dependability of Information Services


Weikum,  Gerhard
Databases and Information Systems, MPI for Informatics, Max Planck Society;

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Weikum, G. (1999). Towards Guaranteed Quality and Dependability of Information Services. In A. P. Buchmann (Ed.), Proceedings der 8. GI-Fachtagung für Datenbanksysteme in Büro, Technik und Wissenschaft (BTW 99) (pp. 379-409). Berlin: Springer.

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The impressive advances in global networking and information technology provide great opportunities for all kinds of ubiquitous information services, ranging from digital libraries and information discovery to virtual-enterprise workflows and electronic commerce. However, many of these services too often exhibit rather poor quality and are thus unsuitable for mission-critical applications. In this paper I would like to encourage more intensive research efforts towards service quality guarantees, the ultimate goal being the ability to construct and deploy truly dependable systems with provable correctness, continuous availability, and predictable performance. The paper aims to sort out some of the issues towards these elusive goals, mainly by discussing a case study on workflow management. (only the first paragraph)